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ATV Restrictions, Bans on Smoking and Cock Fighting, Alcohol and Soft Drink Taxes favored in Feldman Constituent Poll

January 17, 2005

Senator Dede Feldman (D-Bernalillo) today released the results of a survey that she sent to over 5000 of her constituents earlier this month.  Feldman represents District 13, which covers the near North Valley of Albuquerque, including Old Town and parts of the Westside and near Heights.  Although not a scientific survey, the response rate exceeded 12%, with 610 of her constituents returning the survey as of Jan. 15.  Results are still coming in.

“This year the response to this survey was heavier than ever,” said Senator Feldman.  “I think people have been activated by last year's election, and I'm delighted to have a roadmap to assist me during what will be a busy session.”

Results from the survey indicate respondents support increasing taxes on alcohol (84%) and soft drinks (71%) to pay for health care . They also support an alternative energy credit (78%) and tax exemptions for low- income people (71%), but almost two-thirds (63%) say they don't believe that more tax cuts are necessary .

93% of respondents favored ATV (all terrain vehicle) restrictions, a bill that Feldman will carry. A statewide smoking ban in restaurants and bars was supported by 81%.

In their education priorities, constituents put daily physical activities as their number 1 priority, more reading programs as number 2 and a three-tier licensure program as number 3.

Water priorities for constituents include drinking water for cities, irrigated agriculture and supporting acequias (in that order).  A large percentage (81.5%) of respondents favor allowing the State Engineer to require permits for domestic wells.   96% favor more efficient irrigation, and 93% favor a strategic water reserve. As far as water conservation measures go, 71% favor restrictions on domestic water use, 56% support increased water costs for users and 56% say increased taxes for new water technologies are o.k.

Over two-thirds  (69%) of survey respondents wanted a Medicare style health program for all New Mexicans, with 84% supporting allowing non-profits to join the state health plan and (82%) favoring tax breaks for employers who offer health insurance to their employees.

A cock fighting ban was supported by 88% of respondents , with 70% wanting to ban pit bulls and 90% favoring penalties to owners of harmful dogs.

Electoral reform was a strong concern with respondents favoring a paper trail for electronic voting (86%), statewide standards for provisional and absentee ballots (96%) and limits to campaign contributions (70%).

Over 70% favor a system of public financing for political campaigns .

For more information, including complete results of the survey, call Senator Feldman at 220-5958.

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