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The Nurse Advice Line in New Mexico is Growing like Gangbusters

August 14, 2007

In its first year of operation the new Nurse Advice Line at 1-877-725-2552 has gotten tens of thousands of calls from new moms, panicked caregivers and people with medical problems but no access to a doctor or medical provider. If that's you? or someone you know? like your daughter or teenage son, call 1-877-725-2552. They operate 24-7. As we discuss a plan for universal coverage and health care reform in New Mexico this summer, access is a major issue. With a shortage of health care providers,especially in rural areas, a hot line like this really makes sense.

I'm trying to get the Department of Health to recognize that this is health care reform and they should fund it more adequately. It's now run as a public-private partnership between hospitals, the primary care association, and the UNM Department of Family Medicine. This is immediate access and we should build on it.

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